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Black Vanilla by Mancera type Perfume

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50 ml Perfume Spray
30 ml Perfume Spray
5 ml Perfume Oil
10 ml Perfume Oil

Black Vanilla by Mancera is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Black Vanilla was launched in 2017. Top notes are Black Currant, White Peach, Coconut and Calabrian bergamot; middle notes are Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and Bulgarian Rose; base notes are Madagascar Vanilla and White Musk.

In time, a powdery rose emerges from the peachy, berried vanilla froth, creamy puffs of jasmine petals and candied violet trailing soon after. The florals, diffused in an enormous cloud of soapy white musk, feel more like a swirl of expensive cosmetic powder than freshly-cut flowers, giving the scent a distinctly clean, feminine vibe. In terms of sillage and longevity, Black Vanilla lasts the day, but is soft rather than loud. Despite the name, therefore, Black Vanilla is truly a perfect fragrance for days when you need your scent to stay low-key but still smell amazing. Gently feminine, its cluster of powdery flowers, musk, and lightly frothed vanilla-coconut milk feels more like a perfect veil of milky, floral lotion rather than a full-on perfume.